Monday, 17 July 2017

Difference between Interior Design and Interior Decorating

When looking for services for getting the interior design done for the home or just to make a few changes, one might notice that some list their services as home interior designers in Mumbai and others as interior decorators. This might cause a confusion as to what’s the difference between the two and which one would be suitable to your needs.

Although interior designers are and interior decorators are very commonly mistaken for one and the same people, both terms are not exactly interchangeable.

The similarities between interior designers and interior decorators is huge, there are so many that it sometimes become difficult to draw the distinction. However, there are few important distinctions between them that makes things clearer.

Interior designing and interior decorating, both services involves decorating a given space. The decoration involves adorning and furnishing the given space with beautiful, pleasing and fashionable things that would, most probably, reflect the owner’s personality or increase the productivity of the given space. An interior designer is a professional whose job is to design a space to make it look pleasing. The job of interior designer may require construction as well. The job of decorator is to decorate the existing space without adding or making changes to the structure. Interior design firms in Mumbai often hire the services of decorators.

Interior designing is a step ahead of decoration, as it is involves formal training and deep understanding if people’s preferences so as to create functional and pleasing spaces. Essentially, interior designers are capable of completely changing the look of an existing space by making alteration to the structure using construction and breaking down walls, putting up new walls, floorings, tiling, etc. as well as decorating and adorning the space.

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